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I’ve been nominated for Best Event Designer and Best Wedding Planner in the Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards. Winners are chosen by vote, and voting starts April 16th thru 23rd. Do you believe I’m the best?  Please mark your calendars and cast your votes for me:

In the meantime, enjoy this look at ID BOHEMIA’s greatest hits, starting with our first event in 2007. I can hardly believe it’s 2013. Where does the time go?

The event that launched ID BOHEMIA: our own wedding in 2007, inspired by the Bohemian ideals of truth, beauty, freedom and love, in colours pulled from peacock plumage. Even years later, we continue to get requests to publish this wedding. True art is timeless.

Photo: Klyment Tan
Photo: Dong Kim

Ryan and Melissa’s hypercolour wedding on Vancouver Island. These paper installations were modelled on photographs of Cinque Terre, their favourite vacation spot.

An installation from my art school days: “An Open Love Letter to My Rama | There is no Japanese word for ‘Identity'”. Fine art and artistic exploration is the backbone of our work. It informs everything we do.

A set design we created for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Snowflake Gala feature auction back in 2008. This set was for a guided fly-in fishing trip to Comox, BC, and featured a treasure map of Vancouver Island, and a 10′ scale model of a deHavilland Beaver bush plane (the very same plane the winning bidder would fly in). ID BOHEMIA has been a proud and continuous supporter of the Stollery Children’s Hospital for 5 years running!

Photos: Klyment Tan

A golden-hued winter wedding we created for a bride in love with antiques, hand thrown pottery and stained glass, and a groom looking for just right mood light.

An Indian-flavoured intercultural wedding ceremony and reception, inspired by the couple’s wish for an intimate garden wedding within a massive hotel ballroom. In the bride’s words:

“Aaron and Christina created an ambiance fit for royalty: purple and pink mood lighting, paper star lanterns, papier-mached peacocks, lanterns as centre pieces, glitz everywhere and, of course, the big attraction: a giant, custom-made tree that represented the feelings of strength, shelter and rootedness we give each other.”

Photos: ENV Photography

“Sea of Light”, an editorial for WedLuxe Magazine, where Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale is translated into light and airy underwater-inspired wedding day ideas.

“Beginning with Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, we drew on classic fairy tale illustrations by Edmund Dulac, Harry Clarke and Arthur Rackham, and looked for connections between sea and land, asking, “Where might a mermaid princess meet a human prince and fall in love?” We saw the ocean as an ethereal sea of light and air, with fresh whites, glowing gold and silver, and touches of green. This gleaming ocean’s earthly complement might be a manor house on the ocean at the dawn of summer, with warm sunlight, mornings on the beach and crisp linens. The feel is elegantly casual, fresh, light and dreamy.”

Photos: Dong Kim and Adam Fick

The midnight table we designed for the Site 6 Events Summit, in collaboration with Karin Hoogland at Site 6 and Janine Sebastian at Fabloomosity, featured in Blush Magazine.

Photo: ENV Photography

A 1920s beach wedding in Port Ryerse, Ontario. As featured on The Wedding Co:

“Parasols and popcorn under a 3-peaked midway tent, complete with barbershop singers and circus performers. The dj played crackling old-time rags all day long and Cowbell’s catering staff served up sizzling portions of home-cut fries, deep-fried fish and corn-on-the-cob. Perfect fare to soak up the moonshine on the shoreside.

Photos: Karri North Photography

…and Beauty and The Beast, an inspiration editorial we created for WedLuxe, featured on the WedLuxe Couture Chronicles.

“Our story is based on the traditional French fairy tale “Beauty and The Beast” and the Inuit folk tale “The Magic Drum.” These two tales come from vastly different cultures, but both talk about the transformative power of love. We hoped to convey the idea of marriage as a continual nourishing exchange—between two people and between the couple and their loved ones—putting a modern spin on the traditional damsel-in-distress tale. As well, as a company based in the prairie, we hoped to evoke a beautiful sense of prairie life. Seeing a parallel between the architecture of barns and grain elevators and the exposed arch-ribs and pointed spires of Gothic churches, we took our cues from the evolving Gothic aesthetic: from architecture in mediæval Europe, to literature in the Victorian age, to the modern subculture.

ID Bohemia

ID Bohemia, Beauty and the Beast Wedding
ID Bohemia

ID Bohemia

Of course, there is even more we could share, but we’re still hoping to get some things published. We’ll let you know when.

Thanks for your support and your love for ID BOHEMIA! Vote for us, and please like, tweet, blog and share this!

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