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People often wonder how we come up with our bold and unique designs and that question is at the heart of why we’re so different. With I-D BOHEMIA, our design process is a rewarding exploration that challenges assumptions. Connecting with you is central to creating an experience that is inviting, authentic and even profound.

Our success together is a direct translation of our ability to recognize and represent you in ways you would never imagine. We celebrate you as a person or couple. You personally compel us to honour your loved ones, make statements about what is meaningful to you, or compose spaces that feel welcoming even when you are alone. We capture and present your organization’s identity, combining your history, culture, style and purpose into one-of-a-kind events. You, your life and your work are much more inspiring than you realise.

Extraordinary experiences can be elegant and minimal or decadent and ornate. Ultimately, for I-D BOHEMIA, life’s great moments happen when people and their environment harmonise in ways that transform our understanding of our lives, our world and ourselves.

Our team

christina ignacio-deines

Christina inspires a unique kind of confidence. By effectively focusing on the individual qualities and needs of her clients, she is driven to create the sophisticated and beautiful designs I-D BOHEMIA is known for. Her warmth and care make the creative process easy, comfortable and rewarding. She works closely with her clients, guiding them from concept through to design, planning, production, and installation. Educated in fine art and engineering, Christina combines her experience and history as a professional artist and art dealer with her analytical nature, basing all her creativity within a cohesive foundation of design. She is practical, yet she is celebrated for bold, world-class design. It is a rare combination and Christina is a rare designer.

aaron deines

With a degree in English, a childhood on a northern Alberta homestead, and a background in construction, Aaron bridges the gap between the arts and trades. He is the bones of I-D BOHEMIA, forming a solid bedrock for Christina’s creativity. Aaron hails from family of builders and business people, and brings a decade of experience as a senior project manager in the restoration industry, running an average of 50 projects concurrently, from single room jobs to multi-million dollar rebuilds. In event production and interiors, Aaron takes on a support role, with Christina directing the overall vision while he works with individual teams. Aaron ensures I-D BOHEMIA’s projects run smoothly, efficiently and on time.

Scott McPherson

Having learned his way from the bottom to the top, Scott has spent many years at the highest levels of film and television production in Canada. That and his eclectic past gives him access to very unique people and resources, and his extensive business expertise combines with his creativity to make him a key part of the branding team. Additionally, a serious brain injury in Scott’s childhood led to abilities most people don’t have. Christina makes use of those strange skills during the development of her project concepts and then Scott ensures their effective implementation and coordination with Aaron’s planning for the event’s production.

Lorn Iseke

Lorn brings substantial experience from a wide and varied career in events and interiors. Prior to his work with Christina, he owned a successful luxury interiors studio in Vancouver, offering high-end custom lighting, antiques and interior decorating services to clients across Canada; his custom chandeliers were featured in FLARE magazine. From having learned mill and woodwork alongside his cabinetmaker grandfather to planning weddings and events in Edmonton’s most prestigious venues, Lorn balances business acumen and creative thinking with practical event management skills and a passion for craftsmanship. He has even been known to mix an exceptional cocktail.

Brenna Deines

A painter, cake artist and cook with a BA Honours in Anthropology, Brenna combines passionate creativity and experience in food and hospitality, with a steady and light heart. She brings her talents to I-D BOHEMIA’s wedding and event production, editorial and advertising work as a production lead and stylist, and finds intense joy in taking abstract ideas and half-formed thoughts to fully realised environments for our clients to be astonished by. Like Aaron, she grew up on a farm, and she can do everything from make mouthwatering dumplings and tarts from scratch to manage quality control for a roof truss operation. Her adventurous spirit led her to live in New Zealand for a year, where she catered at a posh country inn and hiked from one end of the south island to the other. Whether making a cake or swinging a hammer, Brenna tackles every project with poise and finesse.

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