Some Like It Ruff: Part I

Saturday, November 6, 2010 ID Bohemia Research Beauty and The Beast Memoir
Dominion by Natalie Shau via Wicked Halo

I like Natalie Shau. You can see some of her work on deviantART, in addition to her professional site. I ran into her while researching Elizabethan ruff construction for a photo editorial that we shot this summer.

When I was in art school, work like that featured on deviantART was aggressively frowned upon. Different schools and countries tend to get known for different styles of art, sure, but anything illustrative or fantasy was somehow less worthy than Monet, Manet, Matisse or Motherwell at the school-that-shall-remain-unnamed. I admit I debated posting her work here, in part because it’s quite a bit darker than what I usually look at (and some of her images show boobies!), but more because of that school-instilled bias.

I guess, in posting it now, I wish to establish a line between the creative thinker then vs. now. A divide and a bridge. A signpost. Now that time has granted me sufficient intellectual and emotional distance from educational rhetoric, it’s nice to (re)discover a love of illustrative art. I remember that sense of wonder I felt as a child, reading bedtime fairy tales, and I am glad of it.

Here’s to freedom.

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