Set Design and Soundtrack for a New Generation

We’re working on new set designs for the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Snowflake Gala. This is our 5th year working with them, and is guaranteed to be our most stupendous, exciting and magical year yet! The theme for 2012 is Vintage Circus, and I’m creating signage templates for the feature auction using circus inspired fonts, which we’ll then project onto wood on a large scale and paint in the Gala’s theme colours of deep purple, cranberry, cream, and red. Some of the fonts I’m using include: Circus, Coney Island, Circus Ornate, Romantiques, Rosewood Std and Carnivalee Freakshow (pictured in order above). We’re also creating harlequin patterned backdrops, pennant banners, and ringmaster platforms.

I can hardly wait to see the finished designs. In the meantime, enjoy a selection from the playlist I created for my daughter Riven Maru Scott’s baby shower. We’ll be posting photos from that event in the coming weeks, thanks to the sweet and amazing talents of Susan at Picture That.

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