Michael Lepard – Groom


Christina and Aaron’s attention to detail, artistic vision and collaborative style surpassed my expectations. We found their presence as deep, exciting, layered, warm and beautiful as the wedding they designed. It was breathtaking and completely satisfying. People were spellbound.

Dee Snider – Celebrity & Frontman for Twisted Sister


My wife LOVED it!!!!! She actually said she got some ideas from you.

Weddingbells Magazine


With stunning pops of colour, jaw-dropping creations and a highly creative spirit, it’s easy to see why the event designers at I-D BOHEMIA are revered as some of the most unique in the business.

Ana Alcantara – Bride (As Seen On “When Geeks Wed”)


Living abroad while planning a wedding was frightening, but working with I-D Bohemia was a treat. Our meetings were fun and professional. We would laugh and joke, Christina shared her expertise and the ideas she proposed felt uniquely ours. My wedding was exactly how I had envisioned: a fantastical version of the world Marc and I had created for ourselves.

Lynn Sutankayo – Homeowner


After scouring websites, Pinterest and “easy” DIY ideas, my hair was falling out. Christina calmed me down and helped me make decisions, and the right purchases from trusted vendors. She makes different styles and colors work in a coordinated and unique look. We love our home, and our friends love it too. We want to work with her again.

Western Living Magazine


One of my favorite tables from @dinnerxdesign last night. Salt meets crystals for stunning textures and elegant design.

FRESH Magazine


The champagne and conversation were flowing as we looked across the park at some of Edmonton’s most beautiful people enjoying each other’s company over food and wine, and white being my favourite colour to wear, it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Guests of Lexus South Pointe


“If nothing else, I strongly recommend you walk into their amazingly plush showroom.”

“The first class luxury feel of this dealership is like nothing we’ve ever experienced.”

“The ambiance is beautiful and warms the soul. The bar has been raised.”

Peter Windsor – F1 Championship Winning Team Manager, Journalist and Broadcaster


Very professional set-up at Modern’s Edmonton HQ. One minute a workshop, the next a 5-star venue. JYS would be impressed.



Thank you so much for pouring your soul into the design of our Christmas party. Also, thanks to your staff for making the install and teardown so seamless. Intimate, warm, elegant… Those are the adjectives my co-workers have been using when talking about the Christmas party around the water cooler today. You have a gift for creating the perfect setting.

WedLuxe Magazine


Your site and work is amazing! We love your stuff :). You are super unique! The events you create look so awesome and definitely the right kind of imagination and creativity for WedLuxe brides!

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (As Seen In Avenue Magazine)


You are masters of your craft and we are still reeling with how your vision came to reality. The Glenrose brand and our purpose are so much stronger with all you’ve brought forward. We have received so much wonderful feedback on the evening. Thank you for taking Courage Gala to another level!

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