I got the Blues……Turquoises too

Blue, aqua, azure, baby blue, beryl, blue-gray, blue-green, Capri, cerulean, cobalt, cornflower, cyan, denim, indigo, lapis, Majorelle, navy, opal, periwinkle, powder, Prussian blue, robin’s egg, royal, sapphire, sky, teal, Tiffany, turquoise, ultramarine, Wedgewood

In all its infinite forms, I love blue. Blue is the colour of summers in Santorini

…and of my birthstones—all four:



and Topaz.

And though, just the other day, I sat in my light-filled living room concluding my home could use more blue, I now see blues and turquoises of all shades sprinkled throughout: in my favourite tea cups,

on our china cabinet (painted in Pooh’s Favourite Things DC3A-80-2 in semi-gloss, from Behr and available at The Home Depot),

in the silk cushions on this now-departed sofa,

in the embroidery on our towels (received as a wedding present—love ’em!),

in my office (painted Pooh’s Favourite Things in eggshell),

in our bathroom (ditto),

and even in places yet to be completed, like our kitchen countertops (Wilsonart Laminate Verdi Oxide 1786-60).

So while I’m not usually one to follow trends, I’m very happy to see that blue and turquoise are big this season. Stay tuned.

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