Beauty & The Beast: The Art Director’s Cut

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Well, my dears, the day has arrived! Beauty & The Beast – A Modern Interpretation of a Classic Fairy Tale is available for your viewing pleasure on the WedLuxe Couture Chronicles!

Putting together a photo shoot is a complicated undertaking, and you never know quite what it’ll look like until it’s published. We whittled down a selection of 32 images from the over two thousand shots taken that day in August, and of that selection, 15 made it to the blog. Interestingly, the lengthy (for a blog) text that I prepared (with some much appreciated assistance from Brenna, our caterer and food stylist, and a talented writer), was included exactly as we sent it. I love the stylized flourishes WedLuxe created to accompany the text.

Since I’m one of those people for whom “more is more”, I’d like to share with you the rest of our selection. This post kicks off a series of posts that will include behind-the-scenes photos as well as vendor highlights. To read the complete blog copy and credits, click here.


Our inspiration board (shown above) includes: depictions of “Beauty and The Beast”, film stills from “Dracula” (based on Bram Stoker’s Victorian Gothic novel), an image of the reception dinner for Dita von Teese’s wedding to Marilyn Manson in an Irish castle, church and barn interiors, Victorian inspired fashion, a red silk wedding gown (that we’d seen and loved at a bridal show), Paco Gil sequin boots, and objects and design details that embrace the Gothic aesthetic, typified by deep, dark colours and ornate details.

The Groom and Bride: Our story begins with The Beast, a lonely wanderer lacking material wealth and a place to call home, yet possessing a quiet strength, stemming from his belief in love.

The Beast sheds his beastly trappings.

What awaits him?

He happens upon Beauty, a woman toiling alone on her prosperous farm. Though surrounded by an abundant harvest and beautiful things, she is unhappy. As Beauty and The Beast gaze upon one another, they share an intangible moment—they know. Two desolate hearts give way to love, and everything changes forever.

The Ceremony: Beauty and The Beast are in love, and transformed. Bride and Groom recline together, on layers of pale, creamy satin and faux-fur. The Groom presents his bride with rings enclosed in an antique jewellery box lined in purple silk. Through an open door, their future beckons.

The Reception: In the hay loft of an ancient barn, the couple and their guests gather for a richly-hued celebration. Glowing light from an overhead chandelier adds comforting warmth to a dramatic colour palette that includes red, violet and black, while touches of pewter and grey maintain a sense of weathered refinement. As The AwesomeHots perform music from their Parlour Folk repertoire, the couple and their guests take their seats at the table. The guests, all in French lace masks, form a Bohemian cast of characters, from a deposed Shah, to a flapper in pearls, to a Mafia kingpin.

The AwesomeHots – hearing their singing echoing through the rafters
was a transcendent experience

A Gothic confection in fondant and feathers

The Honeymoon: The lovely couple plays an impromptu game of bocce, before embarking on their honeymoon. The next generation waits to continue the story. It’s a new day…and they all live happily ever after.

The child wears a vintage fisherman’s cap, from John James. Vintage leather luggage and bocce, all from ID BOHEMIA.

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