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Monday, September 19, 2011 weddings ID Bohemia events

We received a letter of gratitude in two parts from our our wonderful clients and friends Michael and Pragya. It made me us happy that we wanted to share it with you.

Hello dear decorator and friend!! We are safely back from the tropics. I wanted to touch base with you earlier and thank you for such an amazing job you did with decorating and planning the wedding. I have heard nothing but positive comments, and at times, that it was the most beautiful wedding anyone had attended. Hearing what a great time everyone had was my greatest reward. It was also an opportunity for some significant reunion and healing within my immediate family, and I know that the beauty and the luxury of the wedding contributed immensely to setting the stage for this to happen. People felt so honoured to be a part of the day, and the space you and Aaron created was so appreciated by all who shared the day with us!! . ♥♥ Michael.

” Christina and Aaron are amazing at what they do. Their attention to detail, artistic vision and collaborative style surpassed all of my expectations. We loved getting to know them through the process and found that their presence was as interesting, deep, exciting, layered, warm and as beautiful as the wedding they had designed. They were able to capture the essence of both myself and my partner, and put a spin on it that was breathtaking and completely satisfying. They took care of the smallest details to the largest details with total confidence and competency, from interviewing DJs with us, to giving us interesting homework assignments to really let them know what we were about. Christina and Aaron made it happen! On the day, people were spellbound, at the beauty and intricacy of the ceremony and reception, and I heard several comments that this was the most beautiful wedding they had ever attended.Five words*****Integrity, Inspired, Committed, Competent, Brilliant*****”

Truly, Michael Lepard

“Pragya and Michael’s Wedding”

For a sneak peek at their wedding, click here to see more gorgeous images by Elizabeth van der Bij at ENV Photography.

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