A Fantasy Garden Party & Modern Venetian Masquerade

Saturday, January 7, 2012 weddings ID Bohemia set design new project

Bridal Fantasy recently released a sneak preview of two editorials for the 2012 issue, for which ID BOHEMIA created the set designs. Enjoy!

A Fantasy Garden Party (see our inspiration board Fantasy Garden Party on Pinterest)

A Modern Venetian Masquerade (see our inspiration board Venetian Modern on Pinterest)

Look for the 2012 issue of Bridal Fantasy Magazine on newsstands later this January! At that time, we’ll post some behinds the scenes photos of the sets and a list of products, including Foo dogs from Peking Lounge in Vancouver, Palace Table Architecture and Midas Cutlery from 29 Armstrong, and diamonds and drapery from SITE 6 Event, Fabric and Visual Solutions. (The 2011 issue is available online – see our work in “Ode to Grace” starting on p. 118, and “Flaunt Your Feathers” starting on p. 130, with photography by Curtis Comeau and Grant Olson.)

In related news, ID BOHEMIA will be participating in the Bridal Fantasy bridal show, taking place on Sunday, January 22 at the Edmonton Expo Centre. Come by our booth and say hi!

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